What makes for a great student experience?

Let me guess. You're a freshman at university. And you're desperately trying to make your student life better.

You went online for tips, and read the same old boring articles.
You're finally here & clueless still. If you think we'll give you the same boring tips, let us surprise you.

We know life's what you make it. The better your surroundings and overall experience, the better your performance and future. It's true (we looked it up).

Let's dive into the details, shall we? By the end of this article, you'll implement them in your daily life.


If you ​ don't know ​ your flatmates, your cat will start acting like a needy roommate. It doesn't make much sense, right? That's what we're talking about now. Life at where you're living won't make sense if you live aloof.

The oldest hacks in the book are free. The biggest mistake you'll make will be not getting involved. Your flatmates are your pro circuit race team. Coordination with them will make you change your tires, err tiding your home quickly. Not only this, but they are also there in person with you when others aren't. Maybe they're your new besties for life, who knows!


Make relationships so secure that it breaks up some others. Just kidding, we're telling you to aim for healthy bonds with everyone around you. Psst, here's a short cut to success in life. It's called networking. Networking will take you far in life.

For now, you can sharpen your networking skills. Once you do that, put it to use. Explore the city with your new friends. You're young only once. You know the picture we're painting. Meet people of diverse backgrounds using your network. Everyone has been raised differently in distinct cultures. Everyone has something extraordinary that you need to pick up on. You'll be learning a lot from them


Get a room so comfy that it's equivalent to loose yoga clothes.
Your room should be a place where you want to come back to after a long day. It needs to be inviting you. It should make you go, WOW. Your friends will want to touch and feel the unique decore in your room and go "oooh nice."

Surprisingly, a decluttered room makes a decluttered mind. Your sanctuary is where you'll relax and study. You're going to spend a lot of time here. Look for functional pieces that add to functionality & aesthetics. Keep the area clean.


What opens from the top & sideways? Your wallet! Every time you spend on something, you lose something- money. Very bland of a statement to make, but it's true.

The best way to save money is to keep it in your wallet. Track where your cash goes. Does it take a roller coaster ride at the arcade? Does it go in food orders because you don't get quality food at PG? Is it free-flowing in electricity bills? Cut down on unnecessary expenses and subscriptions.


You read that right. We know you're just a newbie to this challenging phase in life. You've got your hands full. Managing studies, exams, and actual life-experience is a task already. Who will take time out from their schedules to decorate a room and hunt for friends? Let alone scan through living expenses. You’ll make the most of your buck with Beta House.

Let us take care of it all. We have everything lined up that you'll possibly need. From modern luxurious to basic amenities, we've known what you need. We offer you the best standard of meals and dining spaces.

We've got the fanciest rooms in town. With all the amenities like high-speed internet and security (both online and offline ), we've got you covered.

Getting a roommate

We know getting a roommate is often a headache. But look at the other side of the rainbow. This person could be your new best friend. Your roommate will help you achieve everything we mentioned so far. They're going to get you access to a bigger networking circle. Chances are high; this person will help you adapt to the new city. You can also split the bill with your roommate. But where do you find this amazing person on the face of the earth?


At Beta House, you live the life you actually want to post about at #ThrowbackThursdays. We assure the best student life you'll ever experience. Your room will make a glamorous house tour vlog.

Can PGs and hostels be canceled already, like some cheques? I hope someone is working on that. Oh, wait, someone is working on it. We at Beta House want to offer you more than just a comfortable stay. When you book a stay with us, you unlock doors to a happening life. You get access to the coolest events. You'll meet like-minded people. Get ready to move in spaces, with everything in place. Just bring your clothes, and you're prepared to move in.

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