Co-living is a
sustainable way of living.

Affordability meets sustainability

A lot of people choose to live a sustainable life. There are many ways to achieve this lifestyle. Choosing a Co-living is an inexpensive affair. Remember, guys, a penny saved still is a penny saved.

The best of both worlds in coliving spaces

The earth and those inhabited today face a new dare for finding a place to call home. They need to keep deep pockets at reach. Generally, it's the students and newly employed, that struggle with house hunting. So how does one cut back on living expenses while being a superhuman for the environment?

Saving the environment one coliving space at a time

Co-living space is the answer! Think of it as a hotel, where you will get all the latest facilities. Modern interior, check. Superfast Wi-Fi, check. Concierge, check. Housekeeping, check. The only difference that sets hotels and co-living spaces apart is the duration of stay, and the expenses. The Co-living properties offered by Beta House also embody the said facilities. The very fact that you share these facilities with others helps you save energy for the environment. Sharing is caring indeed.

And the best part: its 50 % cheaper than hotels.

Imagine moving to a new city and buying a bed, a fridge, or a TV. That sounds like a lot of money to spend. But when you look to live in a Co-living space you do, then you do the nature of favour. You get a lot of luxuries like modern interior design in your room, quality furniture, bedding, wardrobes, and utilities. Just bring your clothes, and your new home is ready. You also get shared space for events. You don't have to spend a fortune on starting from scratch. You are otherwise buying your comforter, pillow, furniture, cookware, and what not. Who's got the time for that anyway? Also, in the densely populated urban spaces, it's easy to feel lost. Social connection has always been the core of human progress. In a co-living, you become a part of a community. The cost of making friends in the process? Free.

Choosing coliving living = automatically reducing the carbon footprint

The very core of sustainable practices is to avoid overconsumption. When you buy new things, you give industries a fair chance to manufacture new items. It requires extensive mining or processing of raw materials. You get the picture—coliving ensures zero* tree deaths in decorating your new room.

Going beyond affordability

Living as a community promotes the sharing of assets, which means good things for the environment. Co-livings are for millennials by millennials. Accessibility is easy usability, from booking a stay to paying rent, to raising requests. The mobile applications make it easier for you to connect with the property manager. On the click of a button, or with the tap on the screen, we don't judge. Our co-living facilities are genuinely modern. The architecture of the property considers conscious elements. The architecture revolves around having the basic principles of reuse, reduce, and recycling incorporated into the design. It boils down to low maintenance and longevity of the property.

Fewer replacements mean less waste, translating to a happy environment.

We at Beta House live a sustainable way of life. Many of our existing and future properties keep sustainability in check.

... and it's not just for Millennials

We welcome everyone, even employed people. Co working spaces make excellent alternatives to commercial workspaces that have a more severe environmental impact. Countless cities have joint problems. Real estate faces many challenges. One of them is building a commercial occupancy from scratch for future use

Affordability meets sustainability

Often, a company or online retailer announces that they will cut back on their carbon footprint. They commit to using eco-friendly packaging and going paperless (digital). These brands attract employees and customers by telling them stories. They opt for coworking spaces instead of looking into expensive lands for lease. If they don't do that, they don't keep up with nature conscious consumers of the day. Modern working spaces offer free amenities like stationery, coffee, and Wi-Fi. Businesses do love a good bargain. Mini cafes are there inside coworking space. When your co-worker shows up without a coffee mug, make a quick run to the cafe, and you don't have to use a disposable cup. Win-win! Employees also do carpool to reach coworking spaces & carbon emission footprint declines too.

Changing your behaviour is by changing your environment, & you can start as quickly as now!

Many individuals and businesses like to benefit from many facilities offered at co-living spaces. And Beta House offers just that! You can get on the run for a healthy environment.

Contact us at for quick consultancy. Go green starting today!