Coliving Spaces the best option if you're a bachelor?

Bangalore is home to millions of students and newly employed adults. House hunting is a task. The most obvious route is through a broker. So you approach a broker. The next thing you know, you're likely to pay brokerage too.

Wouldn't it be cool to save that cash? How about spending it on yourself instead of the broker.

Cut down your rent by 50%*

That's right. We're going to tell you how. Every penny saved is still a penny saved. You can give 100% of advanced rent to the broker. Or, you can provide us with 100% of your trust, and we'll make it worth your while.

What you get in exchange for this trust is a coliving space.

Coliving spaces are cool, shared spaces.

During house hunting, and seeing rooms for rent in Bangalore, you'll be enduring a lot of stress. You'll come across many nasty PGs and dull accommodations. You will pay for a bed and minimal facilities if you're lucky.
Coliving spaces are nothing like these. Of course, you pay for the basics here too, but your ROI is more than just the basics.

BUT, BUT, BUTTTT you're in Bangalore!

Bangalore is fast-paced, and shared living spaces in Bangalore are, fast-paced too! You don't have to settle for the average and boring.

Coliving spaces are all about you- customisable.

Shared spaces offer more than just a room. You get access to gyms, breakout areas, air-conditioned rooms, and some new friends too!

Nobody will be nagging you with the do's and do not here. This is your den. Run wild, make it your own.

Hygiene, maintenance, and no hiccups

This trio means comfort. You'll have more focus on yourself, and not the boring, dull room if you choose the coliving life.

BetaHouse has got your back.

Regular hygiene practices and maintenance plan only mean one thing, you'll be ‚Äč actually happy and free of burdens.

Without a broker involved, the process of onboarding is more relaxed than the common way.

All the other benefits of choosing a coliving space:
  1. Fully furnished spaces

    Coliving spaces are usually fully furnished. Especially in Bangalore, all shared spaces are fully furnished. It means that you get stylish furniture. A wardrobe, some tables, desks might also be given.

    You won't have to buy furniture and new decorations, adding to your expenses.

  2. A reliable community

    Social need to connect is inherent to humans. Moving into a new city is an overwhelming feeling. A right circle takes the weight off.

    A strong community of like-minded people will make you feel like home. You can even host parties did we tell- we don't have objections. Coliving spaces are all about fun too!

  3. Budget range

    Shared living spaces are for everyone. We know the budget is essential before selecting a place to call home. Coliving spaces have options for you to choose from for the price range you have in mind.

  4. Fitness fixes

    Shared spaces are good options considering gyms are provided too. It's one of the many discussed features. You can sweat it out or not- maybe do some yoga in our open spaces. We got you covered.

  5. Calm, private, and safe

    So the home is your sanctuary. It's where you will spend a lot of your time. A calm environment is vital for personal growth. Our coliving spaces in Bangalore are safe & secure.

    Your privacy is of utmost importance. You can choose from single accommodation or shared. Whatever your choice, we assure that you're living in a safeguarded home.

    So don't wait to get a roof over your head. Look for the best co-living space in Bangalore today! Or save that hassle of searching and call us now!