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We 're building the future of living

At BetaHouse, we’re on a mission to change the way people live in cities. We believe it is the combination of culture, people and technology that makes cities such a vital place to stay and work. It’s a future where everybody will need to help and make use their time which points towards a conscious and sustainable way of living.

It’s about comfort

Property managers provide clean facilities and provide staff to fix everyday issues. Most of them also provide facilities such as fast Wi-Fi, laundry, stocked kitchens, workspaces, communal areas, gym and a swimming pool. Such amenities are generally too expensive, but are included in your living fee.

It’s about help

We are living in the ‘age of loneliness’. We all need to live lives of meaning and substance. We all deserve to feel on top of the world and have a peace of mind. That comes with having someone who’s always got our back. We’re helping people access such accommodations which they can call home.

It’s about living together

It is help and hospitality that helps build the relationships of trust between people. Relationships are the backbone of every community and the community gives meaning to the place we call home. We are offering community based accommodation for students and working professionals.